About Dr. Roger Borbón

Meet Your Doctor, Expert In Functional Neurology & Functional Medicine

Dr. Roger Borbón is an author, speaker, inventor and authority for drug &
surgery-free corrections spanning from energy and digestive disorders, brain fog and
mood to hormones and stress solutions. His award-winning practice has been recognized
locally and nationally by peers and patients for excellence in personalized, professional
and friendly service with uncommonly consistent life changing positive results…100%
naturally. Dr. Borbón’s methods have more than a proven decade and a half record for resolving
years of suffering in just weeks to months.

– Diplomat of American Chiropractic Neurology Board
– Fellow of American College of Functional Neurology
– Doctorate of Chiropractic
– Carrick Institute of Neurology
– Certified Clinical Chiropractic Neurology
– Senior National Examiner of American Chiropractic Neurology Board
– Functional Blood Nutrition Institute
– B.S. Psychology/Biology Texas State
– Behavioral Modification Specialist Sea World
– Killer Whale, Dolphin, and Beluga Whale Trainer
– Olympic Track & Field Team Costa Rica
– Central American Record Holder-Pole Vault


I grew up in a home where both the parents were women.  My dad passed away when I was a small child and with 4 kids under 6 years old, we moved from a third-world country to the U.S. to live with my grandparents.  And then my grandpa died.  Growing up with two sisters and my mom and granny, I had a lot of exposure to women’s ways.

And as a little kid my mom was the adventurous one who’d take us camping , she was the campfire guitar song girl and she never shied away from taking on challenges from playing in a softball league to square dancing and even crawling on her belly exploring caves.  She laughed a lot, danced a lot and played a lot.   But then things changed.  It was as if my Fun Mom was taken over by a Grumpy Mom.  And the laughing, dancing, and the music all stopped. 

 As a child, I didn’t really understand what happened and the odds are that neither did my Mom.  After all, there was no time for self-focus as four kids required nearly all of it. And Moms just get it done…even when it’s a desperate struggle to do so.

 This ultimately led me into getting my doctorate and specialty degrees in functional neurology. I was blessed enough to be mentored over 14 years by Dr. John Donofrio, the man recognized world-wide as the greatest teacher of Functional Neurology. Before his passing in 2017, he shared the truths behind the genius he pioneered in neurology & nutrition for the Fun Moms inside, to make their comebacks! 

 Now, I’ve been able to help thousands of women suffering for years with no solutions…to get well fast.  It wasn’t until recently that I realized why I had such passion to help these women heal.  It’s because, I wish that back when I was a kid, somebody would’ve given that Possibility to my Mom.

 Through years of testing and perfecting my methods I began to see the 5 steps that Balance, Restore, Align and Vitally move to Elevate health for a truly exciting life.  This has become the transformative path for women suffering for years to reclaim their relationships, energy and freedom in just weeks.  This is now known as the B.R.A.V.E. Health Method.  


I am lucky enough to have been blessed with my best friend and wife, Holly.  Holly is a nutritional expert in her own right and central to the success of both the clinic and home. Together we have three rambunctious and hilarious kids. God has blessed me beyond my deserving with an incredible family, an impassioned career, an unequaled country and freedoms to experience all of it my loved ones. 

Just because I am a doctor does not mean that I get a free pass to optimal health. In fact, I strongly believe that doctors should be the utmost examples of optimal health and wellness. While I am not perfect I keep to a simple tenant, to have the health I need for the kind of life I truly want. This is also the case with my wife and my kids. We do not have a medicine cabinet in our home. We do however take advantage of smart nutrition, quality vitamins and minerals, an active lifestyle and a strong dose of daily laughter. Repetitions of these natural principles are the keys to delivering all that a healthy mind, body and spirit was made to achieve. 

I consider myself an excellent listener and look forward to spending time with you to learn all about your specific health challenges and especially your goals. When you give our clinic a call, we can help you take your first steps toward you reclaiming the health you need for the life you want.

Meet Our Team

...with you through your transformation

Holly Borbón

Our nutritional “Kitchen MacGyver” will give you the know-how for bringing your  food to life.

Kallie Jackson

As Client Service Manager she is your personal contact should you need anything at all.

Elizabeth Stanford

Her Rehab Management will support you with any home care equipment and use if it was prescribed.  

What Our Clients Have To Say

“This has made a massive difference in my relationships with my marriage, my kids and including with myself. My experience has been exceptional!”
Dayna B
“Dr. Borbón took the time to listen and was the only one to discover my underlying problem. My thyroid is finally well!”
“I no longer experience full body pain, inflammation, hair loss or allergies. My sleep and motivation is good and my mind is finally clear!”
Jolene H
“To my family, Dr. Borbón is thought of as the man who saved Mommy’s life.”
Samantha D
Costa Rica