Welcome to the approach that doesn't treat disease but rather serves people. Poor health is difficult and vitality is simpler than you might imagine.
It's time to bridge the gap of your current health to the life you want!


The B.R.A.V.E. Health Method

Almost 20 years of testing and perfecting my methods, a pattern emerged.  I began to see 5 Steps that  Balance the Tone and Timing of the Brain for whole-body connection, Restore the structure and function of the gut for renewed energy,  Align clarity of time with what you want & what you do for peace and productivity, and Vitally move with the specific patterns for *breathing *balance, *coordination, *flexibility and *strength so that you can  Elevate your whole health and reclaim your Relationships, Energy and Freedom for your greatest possibilities. These 5 Steps that Balance, Restore, Align and Vitally move to Elevate health for a truly exciting life, is the B.R.A.V.E. Health Method. 


This is a series of clinically proven, low-tech and practical neurological "tricks" that triggers the body's inherent rest, relax, and repair system (parasympathetic autonomics) to override the unrelenting stress life can impose. This system was designed for those with conditions of neuropathy, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, IBS, anxiety, panic attacks, depression, low libido, sleep difficulties, headaches, adrenal/thyroid imbalance, failing posture and more. This is offered as a set of natural tools that can be implemented by anyone to create whole-body calming without requiring large blocks of time or specialized equipment and is 100%drug free.

What Our Clients Have To Say

“This has made a massive difference in my relationships with my marriage, my kids and including with myself. My experience has been exceptional!”
Dayna B
“Dr. Borbón took the time to listen and was the only one to discover my underlying problem. My thyroid is finally well!”
“I no longer experience full body pain, inflammation, hair loss or allergies. My sleep and motivation is good and my mind is finally clear!”
Jolene H
“To my family, Dr. Borbón is thought of as the man who saved Mommy’s life.”
Samantha D
Costa Rica